What Is A Pocket Spring Mattress?


A pocket spring mattress is one that is made with individual pocket springs. Each spring will be encased within its own fabric pocket. As they are independent and not connected to other springs, each spring will react to the pressure applied to that specific area. 

What this translates to is that you will get personalised support and the pressure and weight that your partner applies on his/her side of the mattress will not affect your side. This also means that there will be no movement transference. You may have seen the various creative ads out there to show this main advantage ; example, ads of kids jumping on the mattress while the parents are still sleeping like a log or how about the one where a bowling ball is thrown onto the mattress and the glass of red wine on the mattress remained totally stable. You get the drift...


Pocket spring mattress benefits

Here are some benefits of Pocket Spring mattresses in case the jumping on mattress ad did not convince you.

  • No movement transference when sleeping with a partner
  • More breathable and less heat build up
  • More consistent firmness across the mattress
  • Contours more closely to the sleeper for better support 
  • Pressure relief for your joints



Is Pocket Spring Mattress Good For Your Back?

A Pocket Spring mattress would be a good option to consider for someone with a bad back. With each spring reacting and responding independently, this does help provide better spinal support. 

However, do remember to also take into consideration other factors like mattress firmness as well as the comfort layer. All these contribute to providing the correct level of back support you need.



A Pocket Spring mattress typically costs more than a bonnel spring open coil mattress which are connected. The price of a pocket spring in Queen Size will usually start from $600 and upwards to $8,000.


Sleep Space carries a large range of pocket spring mattress models from leading brands, that include Slumberland, Maxcoil, Magic Koil, Sleepy Night, Viro, Unicorn mattress, Dreampebble, Dreamster, MyLatex, Sleepmatics, Van Vorst, Voli. 

Take a look at the range we have:


or visit us at the Sleep Space Experience Studio to test out the various pocket spring mattresses.  


Sleep Space Experience Studio: 

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