Mattresses in Different Countries

What is good sleep?

One of the most vital and basic components of life all is sleep. Diversity in cultures and customs around the world makes sleep and sleeping habits unique to each country too. From sleep cycle to size of a mattress to way of sleeping, everything differs when one moves from country to country or from continent to continent. Sleeping habits from one country are often considered strange or funny when viewed from the standpoint of a different country.

Types of Mattress

One of the most basic requirement to get a sound sleep is to buy a mattress that fits a person’s preferences and needs. A person spends around a third of his life on his mattress and getting that perfect mattress is a matter of priority in order to catch a good night’s sleep. A good mattress must be at least 20 cm longer than the height of the sleeper and must have a width of minimum of 160 cm. This is so as to allow the natural movement of body during sleep. Even when using a single mattress the width must be around 90 cm.

Another important factor to consider is to use either spring or foam mattress. A spring mattress is compiled of springs and these springs evenly distribute the body weight across the bed. A distinctive feature of spring beds is its firmness. The springs compress when a person sleeps on it. However, after long term use, the springs may fail to regain its shape and thus renders the bed saggy and uncomfortable.

Foam beds, on the other hand, is softer when compared to spring mattresses, though many foam mattresses these days are made to be orthopaedic mattresses that have a high density as well for the necessary back support. Often, a foam mattress is used in guest rooms or for children with bunk beds or pullout beds where the mattresses need to be 6 inch or below. A more expensive type of foam mattress is memory foam mattress, which sinks in and also moulds to the shape which allows the sleeper to feel enveloped and relaxed. This comfortable feeling has resulted in memory foam mattresses gaining in popularity in the 10 years.

Mattresses in different countries

Interestingly, there are  many variations in the different countries. In countries like Austria, Germany and Switzerland two single mattress are combined to make a double mattress bed. The United Kingdom, Norway, Ireland and Sweden use narrow mattresses. America and Canada use a giant king size beds for maximum comfort in their sleep. The definition of King Size bed too differs in different countries. Australian mattress size is 183 cm x 203 cm while a Singapore King mattress size is 183 cm x 190 cm. The size of a king sized mattress in the US mattress size is 193cm x 203cm, while the UK mattress size is 152 cm x 198 cm.


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