How to deep clean your mattress – DIY Tips from Sleep Space

When it comes to spring cleaning or even regular cleaning around the house, many of us would not think of cleaning our mattresses. Changing the sheets every week is probably the most many of us would ever do. But did you know that our mattresses are actually pretty gross? Yes, even if your mattress is only a few months old; not to mention those that have been using the same mattress for more than 5 years and some we hear even 15 years!

For those of you who think that changing the sheets every week is sufficient, think again… we shed about 1.5grams of skin a day and horror of horrors, this amount is enough to feed 1 million dust mites! Our mattresses alone can possibly be home to 10 million dust mites. These bugs are huge contributors to allergy problems.

Not only that, our mattresses are also filled with sweat and oil we secrete. So, adding all these up – dead skin, sweat, oil, dust mite, our mattresses weigh heavier over the course of time than when we first got them.

So, the key thing is, how do we clean our mattresses then? Fortunately, there are a couple of ways that are pretty easy to clean your mattress.


1. Vacuum

Vacuum your mattress after removing your sheets. Do it in sections so that you do not miss any section. Go for the sides too and I do suggest flipping it as well to vacuum the underside of it. Suck up the bugs and skin flakes. If your vacuum is clean with an upholstery attachment, you can use that or invest in a UV mattress vacuum cleaner.

2. Baking Soda

After you are done vacuuming, the next step is to sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over the entire mattress. Just let it sit there for an hour or two, then vacuum it all up again. You can also try adding essential oil to baking soda and rubbing the mixure into the mattress for a deep clean. Whats the baking soda for? Baking soda will eliminate odours by drawing out dirt and moisture and the essential oils can add soothing scents to your mattress plus the added benefit of it being anti bacterial.

So its pretty easy to keep your mattress clean. Just 2 steps! This is something you want to be doing every 4-6 months, which isn’t all that bad, considering that we sleep on it for 6-10 hours every day!

Give it a go this weekend perhaps?





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