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Magic Koil Magic-Pedic with Divan Bed Bundle

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Magic Koil Magic-Pedic Pocket Spring Mattress (Firm)

The Magic Koil Magic-Pedic Pocketed Spring Mattress (Firm) is specially engineered to provide firm back support without over-compromising on comfort levels. Unlike regular pocketed coils which are joined in the centre, the Magic-Pedic Pocketed Spring Mattress advanced independent design conforms to the body contours and reduces disturbances to provide an uninterrupted night’s sleep. This mattress suits those who are require a very firm back support.



  • Individual pocketed spring system
  • Specially designed for back support
  • Anti Dustmite
  • Firmness: Firm
  • Height: 9 inch 
  • 10 years warranty


    Divan Bed Features:

    • 6″ thick Box Divan
    • Material : PVC
    • Square  Wooden legs