Where to Buy UK size Mattress in Singapore?

If you are looking for UK size Mattress in Singapore, you have come to the right place. At Sleep Space we have many mattress models in UK size. 

Click here for UK size mattress catalogue ---> https://www.sleepspace.com.sg/pages/uk-size-mattress-beds


Guide to the Standard UK Size Mattress

In general, there are 5 standard UK size mattresses as compared to the 4 standard Singapore size mattresses. So here’ s a guide for you if you are looking for UK size mattress.  


What size is a Standard Single size bed/ mattress?    91 x 190 cm    

A standard Single mattress is 91cm x 190cm.  This is the most common bed size for children, kids beds and bunk beds. This is the same size as a Singapore Single mattress.


What size is a Small Double bed/ mattress?    120 x 190 cm   

A small double mattress refers to a 120cm x 190 cm.  This mattress is 15cm narrower than a standard double mattress.  Over the last 5 years the popularity of this size has become much greater for use in spare rooms or for teenagers to give a larger sleeping area without taking over all the available space in the room. In comparison to Singapore mattress size where the Super Single is only at 107cm, this definitely gives more room and comfort.


What size is a Full Double bed/ mattress?    135 x 190 cm  

A standard double mattress is  135 x 190 cm.  This is the most common and widely available size for all bed types in the UK. This is a good size if having a Singapore Queen (152cm x 190cm) is too big or takes up too much space in your bedroom.


What size is a King bed/ mattress?    150 x 200 cm  

A UK king size mattress is 150 x 198 cm.  Please note: from a king size bed and upwards the standard length increases by 10cm to 200cm.  This is the size we recommend to taller customers so that they do not have their feet hanging off the end of the bed! 


What size is a Super King bed/ mattress?    180 x 200 cm    

The UK Super King mattress is 180 x 200cm. Definitely the choice for couples who prefer more room and are tall.

 At Sleep Space, we offer the largest range of UK size mattresses in Singapore. 

If you prefer to test out the mattress, drop in to our Experience Studio.


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