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Orthorest OrthoCare Life Mattress






FOC: Single / Super Single - 1 x Fibre Pillow + 1 x  Mattress Protector 
Queen / King - 2 x Fibre Pillow + 1 x Mattress Protector 



Orthorest OrthoCare Life Mattress


Providing perfect balance between back support and comfort. Tailored for those who prefer firm support. 



Multi Zone Pocketed Spring System


Multi Zone Pocketed Spring System is engineered to recognise the variation of weight in different parts of the body, offering enhanced contour support ensuring restful and comfortable sleep throughout the night.  


Zone 1 - Orthocare Supporta 1
  • Ensure the appropriate firmness support for the head to allow the neck to be well aligned
    Zone 2  - Orthocare Comforta
    • Supports the 2nd heaviest part of our body at the shoulders, while lowering the high pressure spike
      Zone 3 - Orthocare Supporta 2
      • Supports the heaviest part of our body at the hips for ideal spine alignment

        Zone 4 - Orthocare Comforta
        • Supports and comfortable for the knee
        Zone 5 - Orthocare Supporta 3
        • Provides the ideal firmness to support the lower leg



        • 5 Zone Individual Pocketed Spring Mattress
        • 2″ Plush Top that provides supportive comfort
        • Cool Touch Knitted Fabric
        • Edge encasement
        • Non-flip mattress
        • Anti Dustmite
        • Anti Bacterial
        • Anti Microbial
        • Firmness: Firm
        • 24cm thick mattress